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Why a Wall Bed?


 Spazio Double Wall Bed with Desk  , Spazio single wardrobe

Do you often find yourself asking "Where is everyone going to stay?".

 In this modern climate it's common to downsize space for your ideal address, to move closer to family or to simplify your life. We want a space that is multifunctional, stylish and a space that can evolve with us. But then comes the dilemma "Where does everyone stay?". As Australians we love to host, to travel and celebrate. We sometimes find the revolving door of friends or family coming to visit, the late-night party guests and the school friend sleepovers. But the lack of space in our homes can often be a challenge, especially when it comes to trying to accommodate everyone. One solution that has gained popularity is multifunctional furniture.




 Capsule Folding King Single Wall Bed Compact Set


Multifunctional furniture offers a practical and efficient way to maximize space without compromising on style or functionality. These cleverly designed pieces serve multiple purposes, allowing you to make the most out of your limited living area. From wall beds that transform the room in seconds, to hidden-away bunk beds and stylish singles there are many ways to maximise your available space. These beds are designed to fold up when not in use, providing you with extra floor space during the day. When it's time for your guests to arrive, simply pull down the bed from its concealed position and You have an instant sleeping area that is just as comfortable as any traditional bed. Free up the spare bedroom, make the most out of the home office or if you don't have a spare bedroom you can create one. Our furniture can fit into small living spaces, is customisable and fits with any aesthetic.


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