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Troya Living - B2B Solutions

Troya Living - Hospitality 


Our products will work with hotels, resorts, and hostels of any size to provide the best space-saving solutions for their guests.

We offer a wide range of customizations to accommodate the most tricky spaces and to make them livable. From compact wall beds and multifunctional bunk beds to seating and storage furniture, Troya Living products will work with a hospitality business on designing a perfect room layout.  


Choose the right furniture for a holiday rental, or Airbnb to maximize space and profits. Our modern wall bed systems are compact enough to fit in the smallest room and provide ample storage space.

Accommodate more guests by adding a Murphy wall bed to your holiday rental property. 


Troya Living offers space-saving Murphy beds designed for heavy everyday use. Combined with matching storage cabinets, they will add value and efficiency to an urban rental apartment or studio.


Long days in the office can take a toll on physical and mental health. Making your work space functional is essential for a productive enterprise.

Troya Living Murphy wall beds combine multifunctional design and outstanding quality, but more importantly, provide a comfortable space for work and rest.


Creating a space that's functional and uncluttered is our specialty. Our Murphy beds and multifunctional sets will transform any basic student apartment into an efficient, comfortable, and airy space.

Exceptional quality and smart design make Troya Living furniture an obvious choice for campus housing projects of any size.
Troya Living - Student Housing Apartments