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Our Supplier Multimo

 Since 1985, our suppliers have been revolutionising the Murphy bed. Multimo started as GAYSAN Gas Spring Co. which began as an automotive spare parts manufacturer in the early 1980's. Through extensive research and development, they successfully adapted gas spring technology to create transformable wall bed furniture. Their innovative and space-saving designs offer convenience and durability for homes, offices, and more. Since then, Gaysan Furniture has been the one and only producer of multi-functional wall bed products in Turkey.



 Now Multimo is a supplier to 6 continents, with Troya Living being the only supplier of multimo products to Oceania. Their expertise in crafting space-saving solutions is unmatched, making them leaders in the field. What sets European-made wall beds apart is their reputation for quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. When it comes to wall beds, this expertise translates into sturdy and durable products that can withstand daily use.



In addition to our transformable wall bed furniture, Multimo has successfully completed various housing projects that incorporate these innovative designs. The projects have included moving walls and compact container living, offering unique and practical solutions for different housing needs. They have successfully implemented their designs in student dorms, hotels, studio apartments, and home offices, among others. These projects are a testament to their expertise in decoration and design.