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How to Accommodate All Your Over Night Guests


 When it comes to hosting guests in a small space, finding ways to accommodate everyone comfortably can be a challenge. Particularly when cousins or extended family members are involved, ensuring that there is enough sleeping space becomes even more crucial.


 A wall bed, also known as a Murphy bed, is the epitome of space-saving functionality. It allows you to maximize your living space by seamlessly tucking away when not in use. Imagine the convenience of having an extra sleeping area that magically appears from within your wall!

Even for us at Troya Living, we have family and friends coming from out of town and need a way to accommodate everyone. For me, we have a small house, no extra bedrooms and I have my grandma coming for Christmas. A mattress or fold-out sofa does not meet our needs. 



 During Christmas festivities, a wall bed can be an absolute game-changer. Whether you have limited guest rooms or need to make the most of your living room space, this versatile piece of furniture offers both comfort and practicality. With its ability to fold up effortlessly against the wall during the day, you can transform any room into a temporary bedroom and provide your whole family with cosy sleeping arrangements.

The beauty of a wall bed lies in its versatility. It can be custom-designed to suit your specific needs - from single beds to bunk beds for children or even queen-sized options for adults. By investing in this innovative solution, you not only create additional sleeping areas but also maintain the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your living space.


Our Top Space Saving Beds


1. Capsule Queen Wall bed

The Capsule Queen wall bed provides an instant solution, it is our most compact space-saving model, while still maximising comfort. Perfect for couples coming from out of town!


2.  Spazio double wall bed  

The Spazio Double wall bed is our high-comfort model, made for everyday use, this bed is perfect for people who would love to host. The Spazio is higher off the ground and can fit a standard mattress, making it suitable for your elderly house guests. 


3. Simple double Murphy bed

The Simple is our inexpensive option, The double-size wall bed is the lightest and simplest to put up. A simple design with just a few components makes for a perfect guest bed, kids bed, or discreet sleeping space in your office.


4. Eco Queen Murphy bed 

The Eco Queen Murphy Bed is the easiest bed to assemble, its cabinet design and inexpensive price make it one of our best sellers. This bed features a minimalist design with a hydraulic opening mechanism.

This Christmas season, let the magic unfold as you bring your whole family together under one roof with the help of a wall bed. Embrace the joyous moments shared with loved ones while ensuring everyone has a comfortable space to rest and rejuvenate during this special time of year.


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